Dear valued customers,

We are delighted to announce that the logo, packaging, design, and manufacturing technology of our products have been registered and protected within the European Union. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of obtaining legal protection for our intellectual property rights in the United States.

This means that any attempts to manufacture, distribute, or sell products that bear a misleading resemblance to ours, or any unauthorized copying or sale of our products without our consent, will be met with appropriate legal action.

At Symbio Eartips by MandarinEs, we take great pride in our innovative and high-quality products, and we are committed to safeguarding our intellectual property. We invest significant time, effort, and resources into the development and production of our unique offerings, and we appreciate your support in protecting our rights.

Should you come across any instances of infringement or suspicious activities related to our products, we kindly request that you report them to us immediately. Your assistance in maintaining the integrity of our brand and the quality of our products is highly valued.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Symbio Eartips by MandarinEs