Review comments

“Они мне нравились, звук с ними светловатый, яркий, такой подчеркнуто веселый и панчевый.”
“I liked them, the sound with them is lightish, bright, so emphatically cheerful and punchy.”
Anastasia Nikolaeva

„In short, Symbios are awesome! And they look snazzy too.”

“I’ve found my tip end-game in the Symbio … It’s easily the best sonic performance I’ve achieved via tip rolling. Isolation, comfort, soundstage, crisp details, density. It’s all there”

„Didn’t expect to be gushing over eartips, but these are definitely high quality!”
“…these new foamies preserve the upper frequencies (hardly any treble attenuation) and still provide a good seal to improve the bass. As an example, turning universal FIR Audio M5s to sound more like customs…”

„What this design gives you is the crisp, full sound of silicon, and the isolation of foam. But that’s not even true. It’s much better.”
The Headphonelist

„It’s probably the closest thing you’ll find to custom fit in universal form.”
Pinky Powers