Symbio W (Silicone+Memory Foam) 5 prs, 5 diff. sizes

Symbio W (Silicone+Memory Foam) 5 prs, 5 diff. sizes

29.99 $

Price for a Set (5 pairs)

XS – Extra Small  +  S – Small  +  M – Medium  +  L – Large  +  XL – Extra Large


Symbio W – Silicone+Memory Foam Special Hybrid Universal Ear Tip.

The old brand, but a completely renewed product!
Featuring a more precise design, enhanced ergonomics, a better-fitting shape, and crafted with higher-quality materials…
The result: an even more perfect sound and significantly increased comfort!
Fits most IEMs nozzles on the market!
Designed for In-Ear Monitors with a stem diameter of 4.5mm, accommodating up to a stem diameter of 6mm.
Please refer to the Manual for detailed instructions.


Bore diameter: 4.5mm
Height: 9.0mm

Diameters by sizes:

XS: 10.0mm
S: 11.0mm
M: 12.0mm
L: 13.0mm
XL: 14.0mm

Color options:

Orange foam, transparent, gray shell
Each package contains 5 pairs of ear tips with different diameters, totaling 10 pieces.

Packaging dimensions:

Length: 142.0mm
Width: 42.0mm
Height: 16.5mm